sobota, 08. marec 2008

Every woman deserves THE BEST

Woman will get only what she seeks.
Choose your goals carefully.
Know what you like and what you do not like.
Be critical about what you can do well and what you can not do well.
Choose a career or lifestyle that interest you and work hard to make it a success, but also make fun in what you do.
Be honest
with people and help them if you can, but do not depend on anyone to make life easy or happy for you - only you can do that for yourself.
Be strong and decisive but remain sensitive.
Understand who you are and what you want in life, before sharing your life with someone.
When you are ready to enter a relationship, make sure that person is worthy of everything you are - physically and mentally.
Strive to achive all that you want.
Find happiness in everything you do.
Love with your entire being.
Love with an uninhibited soul.
Make a triumph of every aspect of your life.

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